Lindley Choir 



And the Glory of the Lord


Jamaica Top

Jamaica Middle

Jamaica Bottom


Charleston Carol

A Merry Christmas

Christmas Alphabet

Can't Believe it's Christmas

Root'n'Tooting Santa Claus

Arrangements for London Feb 16 25.01.16


Royal Festival Hall February 2016 12.01.16


Lindley Choir initial letter home 04.09.15


Lindley Choir Leavers Concert 13.07.15


Llangollen & Concert on the Hill 26.06.15


Final arrangements for Scunthorpe Saturday 20th June 2015


Arrangements for Saturday 6th June 2015 05.06.15


Final arrangements for concerts 16.05.15 and 15.06.15


Dates for the Summer term 01.05.15


Dates for February and March 2015


Concert at St Paul's Huddersfield University Saturday 6th December 2014


Lindley Choir dates 2014-2015 10.11.14 Lindley Choir members


Choir of the Year final arrangements 17.10.14 Lindley Choir members


Choir of the Year update 10.10.14


Choir of the Year 24.09.14


Choir of the Year rehearsal 12.09.14


Choir of the Year letter 04.09.14


Lindley Choir end of term letter 17.07.14


Summer Dates 2014 28.04.14


Choir of the Year 2014 27.03.14


Final arrangements for Sunday 23rd March 2014 and details of other concerts 21.03.14


I Lift my Eyes and Songbird - words to learn 18.03.14

Believe - words to learn 07.02.14

Mrs Sunderland competition 2014 23.01.14

BBC Songs of Praise competition 23.01.14

Lindley Choir dates 2014  06.01.14

Lindley Choir concert with Lindley Band at the Town Hall update letter 16.12.13

Lindley Choir Christmas dates 2013 21.11.13

Lindley Choir summer term events 07.06.13

 Images from Choir of the Year 2012