Admission Policy


To apply for an in-year admission during the school year 2018-2019, please complete the following form and return to the school office. Waiting lists are held until the end of the school year. 

In year application form 2019-2020

In year application form 2018-2019


 When deciding whether to apply for a place for the school year 2019-2020, please read the following documents, detailing our admission criteria and to check whether your home address is within our Priority Admission Area:

Admissions policy and criteria for 2019/20

Admissions policy and criteria for 2020/21

Decision to admit over our published admission number in September 2019

Lindley Junior School Priority Admission Area - map

Check by postcode whether your address is in our Priority Admission Area


Kirklees Council deal with all appeal hearings for Lindley Junior School.

For further information on the appeal process please click here or phone 01484 225007.

Online appeal form