Policies & Statements


Accessibility Plan Updated April 2018

Admissions policy for 2019-2020

Admissions policy for 2020-2021

Admissions policy for 2021-2022

Anti-bullying policy updated Sep 19

Attendance policy updated May 18   

Behaviour & discipline policy updated Sep 19

Behaviour policy amendment during Covid 19 

British Values Statement

Charging, remissions and voluntary contributions policy

Complaints policy updated Sep 19

Equality Policy updated Sep 19

Ethos and Values

Exclusions, Guidance on Exclusions from The Department of Education 

Exclusions policy

Health & Safety policy

Kirklees Local Offer for SEN

Lindley Junior School development plan 2019-2021

Lindley Junior School Record Management Policy updated November 2019

Online Safety Policy November 2019

    Supporting pupils with medical conditions updated October 2018

      Safeguarding policy September 2019

      Relationships & Sex Education DRAFT policy for September 2020

      Sex and Relationship Education Policy  

      Special Education Needs Policy

      Decision to admit above the planned admission number for September 2020


      DfE Documentation relating to Safeguarding:

      Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2019

      Working Together to Safeguard Children July 2018

      Information Sharing July 2018


      Privacy Notices and Data Protection:

      Parents and Carers Privacy Notice May 2019

      Visitors Privacy Notice 2018

      Governors and Volunteers Privacy Notice Oct 2018

      Job Applicants Privacy Notice Oct 2018 

      Data protection policy updated November 2019

      Freedom of Information policy