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Hour of code           

Click on the 'Hour of Code' logo above.  Select your username and then enter your 'secret words'.  You can have a go at any of the activities but try to complete: 'Classic Maze', 'Flappy', 'Frozen' and 'Star Wars'.  Have fun coding!


Lindley Junior School VLE        

Click on the logo.  Enter your username and password.

When using the 'messaging' option, please remember to be polite and to write in grammatically correct sentences using capital letters and appropriate punctuation. 

I am Learning        

Click on the logo.  Enter your username and password. Check the calendar to see if any online IAL homework has been set for you to complete.

Education City        

Our subscription to Education City only allows pupils access during the school day.

Click on the logo.  Remember to either enter your username and password at the end of an activity or select your name from the list so that your score is recorded.