School meals

From September 2017, the cost of school meals will be £2.12 a day or £10.60 a week. 

If your child would like to change from school dinners to packed lunches or from packed lunches to school dinners, please inform the school office by letter or email. If your child would like packed lunches on certain days and school meals on the other days each week, this can also be set up as long as the days each week are the same.  Please contact the school office if you require any further information.

 Menu one from September 2017 Weeks commencing 8th January, 22nd January, 5th February


Menu two from September 2017 Weeks commencing 15th January, 29th January, 12th February


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From September 2017 the cost of school dinners will be £2.12 a day, £10.60 for a week.

 The cost from Monday 30th October until Friday 22nd December is £84.80

 The cost from Monday 8th January until Friday 16th February 2018 is £63.60

 The cost for the full Spring term, from Monday 8th January until Thursday 29th March 2018 is £112.36