General Behaviour & Discipline Statement

Lindley Junior School

General Behaviour and Discipline Statement  

We offer a school community that encourages the development of mutual respect and tolerance within a happy, hardworking atmosphere.

Good behaviour is essential for effective teaching and learning. Good order and discipline produce an atmosphere that encourages pupils to respond in a positive and responsible manner thus developing their self-discipline. The emphasis is on mutual respect and consideration for others.  Rules are kept to a minimum but high standards of behaviour and punctuality are expected.   The adults in the school community need to be mutually supportive to sustain high levels of behaviour and discipline.  No unacceptable behaviour should be ignored.                                                                                                                                                       


We ask all members of the school community to work towards the school's aims of:

  • treating pupils as individuals and respecting their rights, values and beliefs;
  • encouraging mutual respect between pupils and adults;
  • fostering and promoting good relationships, resilience and a sense of belonging to the school community;
  • providing a well ordered environment in which all are fully aware of behavioural expectations;
  • offering equal opportunities in all aspects of school life and recognising the importance of different cultures;
  • encouraging, praising and positively reinforcing good relationships, behaviours and work;
  • working as a team, supporting and encouraging one another.The fundamental principles:
  • to provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum designed to enable all pupils to reach the highest standards of personal achievement;
  • that staff are good role models;
  • there is a consistent, agreed approach to behaviour and discipline;
  • a clear code of conduct is accepted and understood;
  • that pupils are encouraged to attend school regularly and punctually;
  • there is a partnership between home and school which ensures that there is early contact over matters which affect a pupil's happiness, progress and behaviour;
  • that pupils accept and conform to the uniform code;