School meals

School meals at Lindley Junior School are prepared in-house by our catering team. There are a variety of hot main courses, plus side dishes and vegetables. There are vegetarian options available every day as well as a self-serve salad bar and bread.  Hot puddings are available as well as various cold desserts, and fruit and yoghurts are on offer each day. Below is the current weekly menu:




From September 2023, the cost of a school meal will be £2.55 a day or £12.75 a week. 

The cost from Monday 8th April 2024 to Friday 24th May 2024 2024 is £86.70. The total cost for the Summer term (up to July 2024) is £175.95

If your child would like to change from school dinners to packed lunches or vice versa, please inform the school office by letter, email or phone call.


If your child would like packed lunches on certain days and school meals on the other days each week, this can also be set up as long as the days each week are the same.  Please contact the school office if you require any further information. 


 Please click here to access our online payment system, ParentPay:   



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