School meals

School meals at Lindley Junior School are prepared in-house by our catering team. There are a variety of hot main courses, plus side dishes and vegetables. There are vegetarian options available every day as well as a self-serve salad bar and bread.  Hot puddings are available as well as various cold desserts, and fruit and yoghurts are on offer each day. Below is the current weekly menu:





From September 2022, the cost of a school meal will be £2.40 a day or £12.00 a week. The cost from 6th September 2022 to 21st October 2022 is £81.60 and the cost from 6th September 2022 to 16th December 2022 is £165.60


If your child would like to change from school dinners to packed lunches or vice versa, please inform the school office by letter, email or phone call.


If your child would like packed lunches on certain days and school meals on the other days each week, this can also be set up as long as the days each week are the same.  Please contact the school office if you require any further information. 


 Please click here to access our online payment system, ParentPay:   



Frequently Asked Questions

Each day there are yoghurts, fresh fruit and cheese & biscuits to choose from. 

The catering team are happy to prepare food for a range of food allergies and conditions which require special diets, wherever possible. If you have any concerns about food ingredients, please contact the school office. 

Yes, we are happy for pupils to only have school dinners on certain days. We ask that if you would like to change your child's meal pattern, you inform the school office by phone or email. 

Portion sizes are controlled and conform to the School Foods Standards. All vegetables and salad can be taken without limits on quantity, with the addition of bread which is baked fresh every day. If your child has a larger appetite then they are free to select as much salad as they wish. 

School food standards mean that we are unable to have sauces on the tables, due to the amount of sugar contained. On some days, where some food options are served, for example fish fingers, a small, measured portion of ketchup can be served by the catering team. 

There are vegetarian options every day. Meals containing meat, and vegetarian meals, are put onto different coloured plates to aid pupils to understand which meals are meat-free. 

All desserts are vegetarian.